Building Security

Top tips for secure building access

Using the right equipment to monitor all building access is a great start to keeping your business safe. Here’s 4 top tips for a successful strategy:

Install Surveillance Cameras

Keep an eye out for suspicious activity from anywhere with mobile monitoring solutions. This mobile-compatible technology allows you to check in on live feeds from your tablet or smartphone, no matter where you are.

Utilise Door Alarms

When business hours are over, keep doors secure with monitored alarms, which emit an audible alert when the entrance is breached. The most effective alarms link to a monitoring centre, where operators are able to call the emergency services.

Integrate Access Control

Employees can gain access to building entrances automatically with a number of different products, including access cards, biometric readers, cloud-based access control, access via smart devices, and intercoms.

Enhance Network Security

Keep hackers from entering your business’ network with security safeguards and best practices, such as maintaining strong passwords, updating network firewalls, and educating employees on phishing schemes.

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